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Workcamp virtuale su clima e stile di vita sostenibile

Workcamp virtuale su clima e stile di vita sostenibile

Virtual Camp Environmentally Aware – Learn from home

Data di inizio:17 Nov 2020
Data fine: 26 Nov 2020
Tematica: Clima e stile di vita sostenibile
Tipologia di attività: Ambiente / Studio, discussione, ricerca
Numero di volontari: 12
Numero di posti ancora disponibili: 12
Età: 16 – 99
Lingue richieste: Inglese

Descrizione: This year and all the changes connected to COVID 19 have posed new challenges to all of us. Many workcamps had to be cancelled, volunteers who were excited to work in an intercultural group in a foreign country could not make it to their camps and many of us were forced to stay in their own four walls for months. However, not only bad things came out of this. During lockdown we started to host our first virtual camps and learnt that online meetings are a great way of connecting with people all across the world and promoting our ideals and environmental awareness, even without meeting physically. This is something we want to keep doing now that things are slowly going back to normal. So join us in this virtual camp to volunteer and learn in a different way!

Tipologia di lavoro: What will we be working on together? SEEDS camp leaders will be creating opportunities for you to focus on different current environmental and sustainability issues through a selection of workshops and activities online. One of our aims is to help create more environmentally aware consumers & travellers. During this camp participants can share their love for (and learn more about) global & local environmental topics such as: climate change, waste management, sustainable solutions & other environmental topics. There will be two to three different sessions each day. Participants are also encouraged to join the weekly challenge that will be published on the SEEDS Instagram account.

 The sessions we offer include: Plant-based Cooking & Baking Classes (and introduction to vegan cooking and recipe sharing), Fun Environmental Quiz (questions, facts and discussions on environmental issues), Eco Friendly Cleaning Products Tips (how to make cleaning products with natural products), DIY Selfcare Products Workshop (how to make cosmetics and hygiene products from natural ingredients), Conscious Consumerism (discussion on our choices as consumers and how to become more sustainable). Note that this project is a learning/sharing camp!

Alloggio: Your own home! It might not be a brand new experience, but hey, you might be missing out on sharing a room with the whole workcamp group or having to make a schedule for the showers. Is that really so bad…? Plus, in our virtual camp, you might have a chance to see how different homes all over the world look!

Lingua: English will be the language in the camp; conversational skills are required.

Requisiti There is no application fee for this camp, but you are of course welcome to support our work financially on a voluntary basis. Applicants need to send us a concise motivation letter stating their interest to join. You must attend at least 80% of the activities in order to receive a certificate of attendance. Internet, a laptop camera and microphone required.

Ubicazione approssimata: This camp takes place online. It is accessible to everybody with a working internet connection. No borders, no visa, no need to travel, so you are saving CO2-emissions which is really nice for our beautiful planet! While it is important to keep physical distance at the moment, we can create social proximity in the digital world. We believe that especially in times as challenging as these, it is important to raise our voices for solidarity and international friendship. International workcamps were created 100 years ago to work towards mutual understanding, peace and solidarity beyond borders.

Descrizione dell’organizzazione: SEEDS is an Icelandic non-governmental, non-profit volunteer organisation designed to promote intercultural understanding, environmental protection and awareness through work on environmental, social and cultural projects within Iceland. SEEDS works closely with local communities, local authorities and other Icelandic associations both to develop projects in partnership, aimed at fulfilling an identified need, and to give assistance to established initiatives. Projects are designed to be mutually beneficial to all involved: the volunteers, the local hosting communities and Iceland as a whole. Every year host more than 1200 international volunteers from 50 to 60 different countries.

Sito di riferimento: https://workcamps.sci.ngo/icamps/IT-SCI/it/camp-details/camp-14539.html

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